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eco & eco-friendly
At Colombia’s Cultural Expressions (CCE) we believe and promote respect for the environment and nature.
Our Staff and the Artisans we work with share the concerns of caring for the environment. Between all of us, we strive to work with materials that are environmentally responsible. As an essential part of the future of humanity it is not only good for us, it is also healthy for you and your loved ones and the many generations to come.
Our Artisans produce all of their pieces in an eco-friendly way through the entire crafting process. From obtaining the raw material to the elements that are used to shape, color and finish to the piece, every step along the way the eco-friendly way.

Additionally, many of our Artisans integrate with their communities where among themselves agree to follow a few guidelines, norms and commitments for the protection, shelter and care for the environment. And in some cases use parts and/or material that is “sustainable”, i.e. produced in ways that do not deplete and wear the ecosystem or which have a minimal impact on them without affecting its sustainability. In this way the parts made by artisans contribute to a green living and that their practices will help to conserve natural resources and the environment.

eco & eco-friendly
To the point above, the perfect examples are Colombia’s Cultural Expressions pieces made from Bloodwood and those made with Wheat Straw Inlay.
There are several very interesting facts about the Bloodwood that demonstrates that the whole process is eco-friendly. First the wood with which the handicrafts are made from is never obtained from a living tree. Always, the Artisan will work with the wood of dead trees, trees downed by nature. Nature herself controls this, because the sap of the live trees is an irritant to the skin resulting in sores, for which no one dares to do work with live trees. In contrast the wood for the trees downed naturally pose no harm. This leads to a group of artisans and/or indigenous people in search of the downed trees, while touring the jungle to find them.
Another Bloodwood fact is its undeniably stunning natural color and natural shine. The color arises when they start to carve the piece, as the wood on the exterior is dark, almost black in color but its interior is red. The brilliant shine that is brought out to expose the hues and wood grain is done so by scraping the piece with another piece of wood.

eco & eco-friendly
In the case of the Wheat Straw Inlay – in that application you can see on the wood it is the stems of wheat, applying each stem on a sheet of paper to form a laminate, using biodegradable glue or ecological. The colors they use are completely natural dyes extracted from seeds or leaves. The darker shades of browns and or blacks are obtained thru the process of pressing the laminates with an iron, literally scorching the wheat straw to the shade desired.
Thus the artisans have developed Green habits that help them use less but better natural resources and make the most of what they have at their fingertips without attempting to generate hazardous wastes, pollution or damage to the environment. The artisans make this effort live it as a discipline and commitment, because they believe that it is Nature and the Environment are the bases of their livelihood, their work, their lives and home. That is why they treat it with respect and with care. Always trying to give something back in exchange.

You can easily identify the environmentally friendly CCE products by our label of the “Eco-Friendly” leaf
Wherever you see the Eco-Friendly leaf, you will know that in whole or in part the items’ handcrafted process is Eco-Friendly.
We invite you to join us and our Artisans in supporting the care for the environment as it is the home to all. Your help in the conservation of water, energy and gas. In almost all the daily activities there are always ways we all can help take care of the environment.

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