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Site Policy

Thank you shopping at Colombias Cultural Expressions online. We believe your unique and original Colombias Cultural Expressions piece, whether purchased as a gift or a special treat for yourself will be enjoyed for years to come. The information provided here is intended for your understanding of the terms and conditions of our online purchasing and return policies.

Use of our website

Changes to ColombiasCulturalExpressions.com or its Content

Colombias Cultural Expressions reserves the sole right at its discretion to modify, expands, delete, terminate or impose limits on any portion of the website, including and not limited to content, features, ads or hours of availability. Colombias Cultural Expressions can, without notice or liability, limit or restrict access to a portion or the entire site.

As a buyer / customer / visitor you are in acceptance of our policy to use this site. Acceptance of this condition you warrant to Colombias Cultural Expressions that you, customer/buyer/visitor:

  1. Will only use this site for its’ intended purposes.
  2. You agree with our online Privacy Policy.
  3. You agree to respect our intellectual property rights, and agree to obtain written permission to copy any or all portions of this material used in the website. Including photographs, articles or text.
  4. You acknowledge understanding that Colombias Cultural Expressions is sole owner of the entire content of this website and in no way are you to use or copy any or all portions of the site for personal or commercial use without our written permission.
  5. You agree to provide us with accurate data as necessary for conducting electronic commerce through our Site and to be held responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide.
  6. You agree to obtain our written permission to create a “link” to our Site, other than personal “bookmarks” or adding to your “favorites”
  7. You will refrain from the use of profanity, vulgar, inflammatory, libelous, discriminatory, or prejudice remarks and / or comments via e-mail or form entry created through this website. Nor will you ask that any use of profanity, vulgar, inflammatory, libelous, discriminatory, or prejudice remarks and / or comments be added to a gift card message.

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Colombias Cultural Expressions Site has links and/or pointers to the other Internet sites, for the purpose of providing information related to the regions of its products. Links to and from the Site to other third party sites, maintained by third parties, and does not constitute an endorsement by Colombias Cultural Expressions. These links do not imply that Colombias Cultural Expressions or the Site are affiliated or associated with or are legally authorized to use any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol displayed in are accessible through the links, or that any linked sites are authorized to use any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol of Colombias Cultural Expressions. Should you have any concerns regarding any external link, they should be directed to that particular site administrator or webmaster. Colombias Cultural Expressions does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other information displayed or distributed through the Site. By accessing this Site acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement, memorandum, or information shall be at your sole risk. Colombias Cultural Expressions reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to correct any errors and/or omissions in any portion of the Site.

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Unfortunately, this is something that is not within our control. The privacy and security policies of these linked web sites are or may be different from our own privacy and security policies. The accessing the web sites links is not our responsibility and you as the User assumes all responsibility and risk. You should always read the privacy policy of a linked web site before disclosing any of your information on such web site.

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